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IEP 1.0 GPL v3

IEP is an editor which allows Python to run (parts of) your code in an interactive session. Its

console_reader 1.0 GPL

console_reader class is very useful when you want to read and interpret the output of a program

BNM 0.0.5 GPL v3

BNM is a professor of possible improvements to Maven.How good BNMBNM is able to build his own

Waffles 2009-09-27 Free

The Waffles project offers a collection of command-line tools for researchers in machine learning,

Business::TW::TSIB::CStorePayment 0.04 Free

Business:: TW:: TSIB: CStorePayment is a Perl module that provides utility functions for the

No::Giro 0.21 Free

No: Giro is a Perl module that provides methods for entering data into a standard F60-1 SLIP GIRO.

WWW::PDB 0.00_03 Free

The Protein Data Bank (PDB) was established in 1971 as a repository of coordinates of the atomic

Business::TW::TSIB::VirtualAccount 0.04b Free

This module provides utility functions for the account service virtual TSIB (Taishin International

Twilio 2.0.1 Free

Twilio is a Python library that simplifies the process makes calls to the REST Twilio. Twilio The

Unlock 0.15 Free

Unlock is a client code to make calls to the API for RESTful gazetteers,