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PictureFlow 0.1.0 Free

ictureFlow is Qt2/Qt3/Qt4/Qtopia4 a widget to display images with animated transition effect, much

guitest 0.3.1 GPL

guitest is a Python library using Python for testing GUI applications. PyGTK support is more

ChMagick 1.0.0 GPL

ch ImageMagick is a CH binding to the ImageMagick C library. With Ch ImageMagick package, all C (or

Glib Binding Properties 0.9.1 Free

Glib Binding Properties library adds an implementation of the binding properties of GLib / GTK

Otk Tests 1.0 Free

Otk tests are tests for project.Otk Open Tool Kit is a portable widget library for making graphical

GANDI 0.5.3 Free

GANDI (Rassemblement other Ncurses Development Implements) is a collection of widgets written in C

NachoCalendar 0.23 Free

NachoCalendar is intended to provide a fully customizable calendar component for Java.

Xclasses 1.4.0 Free

Xclasses is a C layout library for X Window System. All objects (called gadgets) are font

cZUI 0.3.0 Free

cZUI allows you to quickly create zoomable screens and scrolling things 2D. czui project uses

NCurses Development Kit for C++ 0.0.1 Alpha4 GPL

NCurses SDK for C + + provides a set of widgets for user interface as text menu bars, context