PictureFlow 0.1.0

PictureFlow 0.1.0

ictureFlow is Qt2/Qt3/Qt4/Qtopia4 a widget to display images with animated transition effect, much like Apple's Cover Flow (used among others in iTunes, Finder, iPhone and iPod). PictureFlow uses a portable rendering engine and optimized software running correctly on smartphones and other mobile devices.Here some key features of "PictureFlow" · fast and lightweight No · floating-point operation does not need OpenGL · does not require 3-D accelerationPictureFlow material is known to work on: · desktop and laptop, even with the old graphics card · Trolltech Greenphone, a smartphone with Qtopia (as reported by Jonas Hurrelmann) · HTC Touch Smartphone using Qt / WinCE (as reported by Espen Riskedal) · Chumby, open-system hardware widget (as reported by Jesper Thomschtz) What's new in this version: · The first version implements basic functionality similar to Cover Flow of Apple and implementation of optimized software rendering an optional blur effect for reflection. • It supports Qt 4/3/2 with a single code base.

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Publisher/Developer: Ariya Hidayat

Release Date: Dec 20, 2012

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