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Ubuntuwin TV 0.7 GPL

Italian applet for GNOME Ubuntuwin TV TV is an applet for Italian television panels GNOME written

Parole 1.91 GPL

A modern media player for XFCE Parole is a media player for the XFCE desktop, based on the

Bombono DVD 0.5.2 GPL

Open Source Authoring Software for Linux Bombono DVD is an easy to use for the manufacture of

mapmvideo 5.33 GPL

mapmvideo is an MPEG video stream mapper. mapmvideo is an MPEG video stream mapper.The written MPEG

Transcoder 0.0.1 GPL

A simple video converter for Linux Transcoder is a video conversion software for Linux using GTK +

FlowPlayer 3.1.5 GPL v3

FlowPlayer is a video player Flash Video in FLV format. FlowPlayer project is a video player Flash

ZoneMinder 1.24.2 GPL

A web based security camera video, motion capture, and subsequent analysis. ZoneMinder is are

QMediaBibliothek 0.3.1 GPL

Video file organizer QMediaBibliothek is a database application to manage movies/video files.In

v4l2capture 1.1 Free

Capture video with video4linux2 v4l2capture is a slim and easy-to-use Python module for capturing

MythTV 0.22 GPL

MythTV is a homebrew PVR project. MythTV project is a suite of programs that allow you to build the