MTDB 0.1.0

MTDB 0.1.0

MTDB is a multidimensional transparent hash database.SYNOPSIS # Load the package use MTDB qw($serializer); # Bind the hash to the class $db = tie %hash, 'MTDB',FILE => $file,SAFER => 1; # Save to disk all changed records $db->sync();# Get all record keys @array = keys %hash;# Check if a record exists exists $hash{$foo};$bar = $hash{$foo}; exists $bar->{$foobar}; # Get a field $bla = $hash{$key}; $scalar = $bla->{$key2}->[0]; $scalar = $bla->{$key2}->{$key3}; # Assign to a field $bla->{$key2}->{$key3} = $value; #store in mainhash $hash{$key} = $bla; # save to disc $db->sync();Requirements:· Perl

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Publisher/Developer: Mark Ralf Thomson

Release Date: Jun 15, 2012

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