Linux ATI CPU HDD Control Daemon 0.4.6


Linux ATI CPU HDD Control Daemon 0.4.6

Linux ATI CPU HDD Control Daemon is able to reduce energy consumption in a laptop by scaling back CPU, GPU and HDD. Linux ATI CPU HDD Control Daemon is able to reduce energy consumption in a laptop by scaling back CPU, GPU (Radeon only), and uses HDD.It CPUFreq, ACPI, hddtemp, and internal functions. It also checks for thermal overheating for the sake of implementing a laptop health.Now scheduling app for performance applications when the laptop is on the CPU utilization and low AC connected. It is still necessary to recompile lach establish programs to implement run.Also I'm a devil TCP for a non-root user can change the processor speed withou having to be root. This option is disabled by default for security reasons, when he is 100% functional, it will be added as default makefile configuration.The now applying compiler optimizations arquitectura, see the Makefile before compile.I 'I programmed it as a hobbie (who the hell has the lineup as a hobbie) Then, if something is not in the best way I really thank the people that mail me ideas for some of the algorithms and functions implementations.What 's New in this version: • A little code cleanup Lach-scaling. c and Lach-ati_scaling.c. • Changes in show_status (). · A possible change in compiler. · Get_system_version () has been reworked and is now get_system_config (). A · kernel / proc / config.gz configuration file. · Changes in the readme, the option-k, and hddtempd (). • The withdrawal has been changed to Kernighan and Ritchie. · System error messages were added to the routine of panic. · This press newspaper computer shutdown state of emergency for debugging.

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Publisher/Developer: GothicKnight

Release Date: Jun 6, 2012

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