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URL Link 2.03.2 MPL

URL Link allows you to open a non-URL in a browser. URL Link allows you to open a non-URL in a

libnotify-mozilla 0.1.3 GPL v3

mozilla Extensions Notification libnotify-mozilla is an extension for Firefox and Thunderbird to

ViewSourceWith 0.5.1 MPL

ViewSourceWith you can view the page source using external applications. ViewSourceWith you can

Google Chrome 6 Free

The web browser is arguably the most important piece of software on your computer. You spend much

Charamel 1.3.0 MPL

A Creamy Sugary Experience Charamel is a Thunderbird and Firefox theme that is intended to further

Silvermel 1.3.0 MPL

A change Charamel fantastic theme. Silvermel is / Firefox Thunderbird theme, a modification from

Compact Menu 2 2.3.3 MPL

A Thunderbird extension that replaces the original box menubar into a single button or icon.

Adblock Plus Filter Uploader 2.0 MPL

Uploads filters from your Adblock Plus installation to a FTP server Adblock Plus Filter Uploader is

Dr.Web anti-virus link checker 1.0.21 MPL

Allows you to check any file you download, any web page. Dr.Web virus link checker is a Thunderbird

Bip 0.8.2 GPL

An IRC Proxy Bip is a IRC proxy, which means it keeps connected to your favorite Internet Relay