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Housekeeper 0.2.7 GPL

Housekeeper helps you keep track of items (like food or drugs) in your home. Housekeeper helps you

Chipmunk CMS 1.3 GPL

Chipmunk CMS is a news forum integrated display. Chipmunk CMS is a news forum integrated display.

Simple Web Survey 1.2 Free

Survey Software enables companies to increase customer and employee satisfaction. Survey Software

Ganymede 1.0.12 GPL

Ganymede is a GPL'ed Network Directory Management System. Ganymede is a portable and

POPsearch 0.4.1 GPL

POPsearch is a desktop search engine that you can access from anywhere. POPsearch is a personal

DocPile 3.1.2 GPL

DocPile PHP is a system of document management. Docpile (SDMS clone) is PHP-based document

ProjectBench 0.4 GPL

ProjectBench is a friendly project management system. ProjectBench is an issue, bug, and incident

FLEX-db Free

FLEX-DB is an enterprise digital asset manager. FLEX-db Open Source Digital Asset ManagerFLEX-DB is

Issue-Tracker 4.0.4 GPL

Issue-Tracker is a problem of management support. Issue-Tracker project is a support issue tracking