Hanihani Operation Sanctuary 1.0


Hanihani Operation Sanctuary 1.0

Hanihani Operation Sanctuary project is an adaptation of an English novel visual Game.The Japanese girl who fell from the sky. And the life of the protagonist, who has started taking a turn slowly in the field of special from that day. - Nao-kun, if you do not rise soon, you'll be late.The school year began today. Childhood friend of the protagonist, Honami, kept telling him he is no more a child, and continues to come to the wake. They proceed as they always have "Hasumidai Academy, which sits atop a hill ... but this time, that second year students. - Naoki, I go ahead of you! And cousin the protagonist, Matsuri, zips past the two of them. Having lost both parents in a terrible accident 5 years ago, the protagonist Naoki Kuzumi was taken by the parents of Matsuri. And now, Matsuri itself -- which had been so opposed to Naoki travels back in time - became a freshman at Hasumidai Academy. These, common ordinary days, which extends to infinity. ... but then one day on the roof of the school ... What's new in this version: · RTM, all platforms. · Press the start page. Currently in Quebec. Expect RTM for all platforms this weekend.

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Publisher/Developer: insani

Release Date: Dec 20, 2012

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