Gtk2::api 1.145

Gtk2::api 1.145

Gtk2:: API is a GTK C API from Perl. Gtk2:: API is a mapping C Gtk API perl.ABSTRACTThe Gtk2 module attempts to stick as closely as is reasonable in the C API, to minimize the need to retain documentation that is almost a copy of the documentation of C API Reference. However, the world is not perfect, and the mappings between C and Perl are not as clean and predictable as you might wish. Thus, this page describes the basics of how to map the C API Perl API, and lists of various items of the API documentation or follow the C API, or mapping principles.The canonical documentation is the API reference to http:// C / doc / API / gtk / and are two main sections: "LINK BASE describes the principles on which the building work; understanding They can lead you to guess the correct syntax to use for a given function described in Section C API reference.The second section lists various specific points of the difference does not necessarily correspond with what you expect, this section is divided into three main parts: methods missing, and renamed methods, and different call signatures.

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