Gatotray 1.5

Gatotray 1.5

Gatotray project is a colorful tray icon to watch over CPU status including usage, frequency and temperature. Gatotray project is a colorful tray icon to watch over CPU status including usage, frequency and temperature.Here are some key features of "Gatotray":· Time scale is non-linear: right-most columns reflect last seconds while lefter columns accumulate older measures, providing an idea of cpu usage evolution for up to 30 minutes in a glimpse. It makes a beautiful smoothing effect too.· Colors of the usage bars vary with frequency, from green to red.· Tooltip shows current usage percentage, frequency and temperature numerically.· Instant temperature is shown graphically, in the form of a nice thermometer :-). Thermometer blinks on high temperature (>=85 C).· Pops-up a 'top' window with detailed system usage (on click).Requirements:· GTK+ v2.10 or later· Any compliant system tray like that of XFCE, KDE, GNOME, etc.Build & install (to /usr/local/bin) instructions:$ make$ sudo make install

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Publisher/Developer: gatopeich

Release Date: Jun 4, 2012

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