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Score Reading Trainer 0.1.3 GPL

Score Reading Trainer helps you improve your (musical) score reading skills by practicing with

TypingTrainer 1.0 RC3 GPL

Typing Trainer is a suite of applications that goes to the students. Typing Trainer is an

KLearnNotes2 1.2 GPL

KLearnNotes2 is a program for teaching the names of musical notes. KLearnNotes2 helps them learn

KWordQuiz 0.6 GPL

KWordQuiz is the KDE version of the flash card and vocabulary learning program WordQuiz. KWordQuiz

KMathsTest 0.2 GPL

KMathsTest is a program that generates random math questions for you answer. KMathsTest is a

K Learning Aid 0.7.6 beta GPL

K Learning Aid appears kvtml file elements on the desktop. KLAIDA - K Learning Aid appears kvtml

Kard 0.2.1 GPL

Kard is a Memory-like game for young children. Kard is a Memory-like game for young children. It

slowarj 0.2.0 GPL

slowarj is a dictionary and a rehearsal tool that supports almost any language. Slowarj offers a

f2w helpdesk 1.6 GPL

f2w helpdesk is helpdesk and knowledge base using a Zope front-end and PostgreSQL back-end. f2w

TrinityOS 05/22/05 Free

TrinityOS is a step-by-step to ensure optimization and related services for Linux. TrinityOS is a