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GridSQL 1.0 GPL

GridSQL is a shared nothing cluster database for data warehousing designed for Postgres Plus or

Postgres Plus 8.3.3 GPL

Convenient PostgreSQL distribution with popular open source add-ons bundled in. Postgres Plus is a

DiskLister Server 1.0 Free

DiskLister Server is a search network for catalogizer SQL solution. DiskLister Server provides

JBoss Application Server 5.0.0 Beta 4 Free

JBoss Application Server is the number one most widely used Java application server market. JBoss

Sedna 3.0 GPL

Sedna is a free native XML database. Sedna is a free native XML database designed to be a universal

Apache Xindice 1.0 / 1.2 Milestone 1 Free

Apache Xindice is a native XML database server. Apache Xindice is a database designed from the

OMD - OnLine Medical DataBase 2.0 GPL

OnLine Medical Database is a computerized management system, created for the benefit of doctors,

picoSQL 2.0.4a GPL

picoSQL is SQL-based, multi-user client / server RDBMS. picoSQL project is the first Italian Open

Oracle Free

Oracle is an enterprise-SQL database level. With Oracle Database 10g, the relational database

FramerD 2.61 GPL

FramerD is a portable distributed object-oriented database designed to support the maintenance and