beatbox 16.0


beatbox 16.0

A Python library for querying / updating data via SOAP API beatbox is a Python module that contains 2 versions of the Salesforce client. XMLClient which is the original beatbox version of the client that returns objects xmltramp and PythonClient which returns dicts with proper types of Python data. Whole fields ie the return PythonClient integers.The has all the same methods that XMLClient except the difference describeLayout.Another for PythonClient is a change in the method signature query. Instead of a single query string, it takes 2-3 arguments. A list separated by commas domain name, the sObjectType and conditionExpression optional. So, if the initial query was "SELECT FirstName, LastName contact which LastName = 'Doe'" the new call to the query would be: query ( 'FirstName, LastName', 'Contact', "LastName = 'Doe'"

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Publisher/Developer: Simon Fell

Release Date: May 23, 2012

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