Automanic 0.2


Automanic 0.2

Automanic is a vehicular deathmatch game.Automanic is a game of deadly combat vehicles, will become the best hope of Twisted Metal, Interstate '76, the Burnout Games, and Carmageddeon, focusing on the Cross Carnage country. It uses Crystal Space, CEL, and ODE.Requirements: · Crystal Space · CEL · ODEInstalling: This game uses autotools, if steps (commands) for installation are: 1. . / Configure LDFLAGS = "` $ CRYSTAL / cs-config - libs `$ CEL / cel-config - LFLAGS` "CXXFLAGS =" `$ CRYSTAL / cs-config - CXXFLAGS` $ CEL / cel-config - cflags `" I know how to edit the makefiles, so that all those extra stuff is needed. Could someone please help me solve this problem! Playing: When you begin, you will be suspended in the air for a short period, then dropped on the map. The controls are: W or until: accelerate.s or down: brake.a or left direction left.d or right: orientation right.Left click: shoot Nova.Right Click: take Railgun.r: car reset to mid-card. escape: quitNotes: - This game is only version 0.01, if all you can do right now is to overcome and battle with two (stupid) bots. It's fun, though .- If the spam bots to fall off the map after a while the game will crash .- Segmentation game when you quit, leaving a core of large dump behind. Remember to remove the core dump! Sorry.

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Publisher/Developer: Christopher Fraser

Release Date: Jul 2, 2012

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