aewm 1.3.1

aewm 1.3.1

aewm is a minimalist window manager for X11. It has no nifty features, but it is very resource intensive and extremely simple in appearance.It should finally make a good reference implementation of the ICCCM. A few separate programs are included to manage programs, switching between windows, etc.aewm was based on 9wm, which also inspired LWM larswm and w9wm. He himself has inspired the following window managers: Sapphire / aewm + + (defunct?) Alloywmevilwmmaewm (defunct?) OroborusphluidswmClementineWindowLabYeahWMSpook (defunct?) WimpwmSome other minimal window managers are worth checking out: wm2wmii (no relation!) PLWMYAWM ( defunct?) RatpoisonAnarchyIonWhat's New in This Release: · UTF-8 was added, and EWMH several bugs have been fixed.

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Publisher/Developer: Decklin Foster

Release Date: Jul 5, 2012

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